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About Taber Studios

Bob Taber founded Taber Studios in 1972 with a commitment to providing high quality fine jewelry at an exceptionally affordable price. With a degree in art history from the College of William & Mary, and graduate and professional experience in black and white photography he was self-taught in the jewelry trade, bringing a unique and refined perspective to his line of mixed-metal silver and gold jewelry. The ergonomic quality of his designs owe much to more than two decades of concurrent work teaching Esalen and Swedish massage. His most notable and widely popular contribution to the jewelry trade is the modern stacking ring - a system of symmetrically stacked components inspired by art history, combined and worn as a single piece. With a timeless elegance and broad appeal, the hand-sculpted pieces that he produces can be worn for fun, for fashion and for elegant festivities of the highest order.

Martin Taber received his B.A. in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz in 1995. After a lifetime of involvement in the family business, in 1997 he took to the jewelry trade full-time to develop his interests in sculptural design and architectural form. The integrity of crafting directly in the metals and working so closely with his customers has led Martin to renew his passion for the environment in his new signature collection of ecologically inspired, haute couture jewelry - Martin Taber Designs. Additionally, he has made significant changes to the methods of production and acquisition of materials to reflect Taber Studios' revised mission to become a leader in the move to help clean up the jewelry industry.

Leona Doyle, Bob's wife and sales partner at retail shows across the US, has also been handling all in-house orders, managing the day-to-day operations of the business since 2001. Her quiet and meticulous attention to customers' needs, both wholesale and retail, have made her an indispensible part of the Taber Studios team. She also helps oversee and manage her and Bob's Australian side of the business.

Joshua Haiman began working with Taber Studios in 2007 as a part-time employee with a desire to further develop his not inconsequential set of existing jewelry skills. His experience in blacksmithing and 2 years as teaching assistant at the College of Marin's renowned jewelry program made him a natural fit for the type of hand-fabricated jewelry that is part of Taber Studios' trademark appeal. Over the past six years he has become an integral part of the production team that has allowed Taber Studios to evolve to new heights. In his spare time Josh is also developing his own line of Argentium silver jewelry and taking commissions for engagement and wedding rings. You can see his work at jkhaimandesigns.com.